Subscribe Today: Exclusive Specials, Free Stuff with Every Order, Early Access to New Items! Made in the USA, the knife has a 4.50-inch long and 1.25-inch thick blade with a 4.1-inch cutting surface. We offer a variety of dive knife models from major manufacturers. All in all, it’s hard to recommend this knife for any specific purpose other than just having a really sweet looking fixed blade. And now, time for some fixed blade knife reviews! Blade Style: Clip Point You can identify a drop-point by its convexly curved spine starting from the handle and ending at the point. I don’t personally carry by way of the neck but if that was your goal, this would be an excellent neck knife, and of course it comes with a lashing hole at the end of its skeletonized handle. Blade Style: Spear-Point These lightweight knives are excellent combat companions and are purpose-built to be extremely lethal. Blade Length: 5.5” Strong, rugged, and good looking all in one, this nine-inch knife is definitely more than you bargained for in a very good way. SK-5 is still a fantastic steel for a lot of people and is used across many reputable brands and knife manufacturers. The StrongArm Fixed Blade was designed around the fundamentals of military … Hardness: 55 HRC Non-folding knives from KnifeCenter Fixed blade (non folding) knives are designed for dozens of applications and include hunting knives, survival knives, combat knives, boot knives, dive knives, throwing knives and more. The guard has Cardinal Cutlery Corp. NYC stamped on it. This is not to say that all fixed-blade knives are made the same, though. However, it is always a good idea to inspect your blade each time you put it away so that you know it will be sharp and ready to go the next time you need it. This 4 inch fixed blade knife is a good addition to my garage. This knife has tons of utility value but of course, that clip-point does one thing and one thing extremely well, it pierces everything! Handle Composition: FRN We have over 150 different hunting knives to choose from. Blade Length: 5 1/4″ (1 1/4″ straight edge) This is the knife you carry when there are no getaway options or nearby bailouts, this is the knife that decides whether or not you continue your mission, whether that be defending your family or fighting off an insurgent in combat. Single-edged blades are designed for a “slashing” type of motion when cutting, which means that they are still excellent for defense, but are all-around more utilitarian than double-edged blades, as they can take care of thick brush when clearing a path (think machete), can cut better at a diagonal angle, and can perform many different tasks in ways that double-edged designs simply are not designed for. Weight: 7.8 oz, Intended Uses: Hunting, camping, self-defense, combat, survival, general outdoors use. The fact that it lacks lashing holes to make a spear in survival situations and an insulated handle isn’t a big deal to me, but again, it really all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your fixed blade knife. 1.CRKT Minimalist Tanto-pocket knife with glass breaker. Blade Style: Drop point It is rated at a very strong 57-59 on the Rockwell hardness scale (“HRC”), the gold standard of steel hardness rating systems, which means that it will stand up to any common obstacles that a law enforcement officer may encounter. This knife is built strong enough to handle just about any field task, includes a built-in firestarter, and has been hardened for extra strength. Fixed blade knives make great tactical and combat tools because they are made to be tough, durable, and dependable. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. Total Length: 4.98 Inches The name of the knife refers to its designer, James Bowie, and his brother Rezin Bowie. Buck 119 Special Leather Sheath. It includes a black polymer sheath for easy deployment. 52% Off. I really like the textured 1” spine on the top for heavy downward cutting and the blade overall just feels massively capable of taking on just about anything you throw at it. Along with getting an extremely well designed full tang knife with a razor sharp 1095 carbon steel drop point blade, you also get the ESEE 100 percent lifetime transferable warranty. For a more detailed guide on the pros and cons of each, check out our knife blade shapes guide here. Blade Length: 4″ In a tactical or combat situation, you can never go wrong with a fixed blade knife. If you’re thinking about starting to carry a fixed blade as an EDC in lieu of a folder, here are 10 of the best knives to start with. Now, it’s unlikely that you will get the type of satisfaction that you will get from using something like the SOG Seal survival knife above, but for a no-frills utility blade, you can’t go wrong with this under-$30 offering from Glock. View as Grid List. Blade Steel: Swedish High Density Carbon Steel Collectibles; Knives, Swords & Blades; Blade Parts, Supplies & Accs. Blade Length: 5/16″ The 1213 comes with the traditional combat oriented clip-point design with a full tang construction. Blade Style: Clip-Point Blade Length: 4.52 Inches The shape or design of the knife blade, the overall length of the knife, and the blade length are also factors that you should pay attention to while choosing a survival knife. This versatile tool can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, survival, or everyday carry. This is easily one of the best fixed blade knives out there. Kershaw Secret Agent (4007); Concealable Boot Knife with Strong Single Edge 4.4 Inch 8Cr13MoV Steel Blade; Arrives with Dual Carry Molded Sheath and Stealthy Non-Reflective Black Oxide Finish, 3 OZ Your Price: $8.53 In Stock . Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.3-inch, w/MOLLE Multi Mount System The Morakniv Garberg is a powerful, full tang, stainless steel knife that is the toughest Morakniv the company has ever made. Mtech fixed blade knife. At the Knife Center we offer an incredible variety and you can shop on this page by the purpose of the knife and narrow it down by brand, country of origin, price and more. Instead, they build knives that get the job done and will continue to get the job done for many many many years ahead. At the Knife Center we offer an incredible variety and you can shop on this page by the purpose of the knife and narrow it down by brand, country of origin, price and more. Bulk packed. Lile Fixed Blade Hunting Knife & sheath 4 inch blade circle logo L2BW. Now, I know what the guys out there are thinking – a short blade with a name like “Clever Girl” clearly indicates that CRKT specifically intends this blade to be marketed as a self-defense knife for women. Full Tang: Full tang means there is one solid piece of steel that runs straight through the handle. My Review: This is the short-blade KA-Bar that I mentioned earlier in the article. Blade Shape Clip Point (2) Drop Point (4) Drop Point/Tanto (1) Karambit (2) Kukri (1) Spear Point (7 ... Smith & Wesson® Performance Center Limited Edition Allegiance Fixed Blade Knife. Note: The ESEE 6P has a 6.5 inch blade and is larger than the ESEE 4P found here which has 4.5 inch blade. Weight: 5.4 oz. My Review: The Boker Persian is a knife that may not suit everyone due to its odd shape and grip angle, however, if you like the grip, you’ll love the knife. Although you can technically slice and skin with just about any of the knives on this list, the trailing-point on the Moran is basically built for it with the added addition of being extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. By using our website you consent to our Cookie Policy. They are not usually designed strictly for use as a self-defense or combat weapon, although in a pinch, a knife is a knife, and as long as you “stick them with the pointy end,” you have a better chance of survival with a folding knife than with nothing at all. This blade not only serves great in the wilderness but is also great for first responders and law enforcement uses. This full tang knife comes equipped with two micarta grip panels heavily textured for a good grip. Blade Composition: Laminated CoS Blade Steel: SK5 The Selkirk is deceiving in its simplistic nature but for that reason, it’s an excellent everyday use kind of knife and should provide utility to anyone that grabs one! The SK-5 variant is cheap enough that you can simply abuse it and replace it when needed. Fixed blade knives have blades that cannot be retracted or rotated inside their handles, so they are typically stronger than folding knives and better suited to heavy duty tasks such as hunting, camping, wilderness survival and combat / fighting. This is one of the few trailing-point shaped fixed blades that I would recommend as a fairly versatile and overall fantastically designed knife that could be used across many situations. With a drop point and straight edge, this knife is still great for combat applications and will provide more utility in a survival setting. Almost all pocket knives are folding knives. Overall Length: 7.438″ (188.93 mm) The Hell Gap isn’t only one of our top choices for a fixed-blade knife, it’s one of the 10 best outdoor products to come out in 2019.At 7.8 inches with a 3.8-inch drop-point, full-tang blade, it’s the perfect length, maintaining just the right amount of edge and belly for any campsite task, from cutting cord to slicing veggies. Fallkniven has taken a base material that they know will stand the test of time and weathering and they’ve made it insanely thick (6mm) and insanely strong. There’s no lock to fail. My Review: Albeit the Automatic Out-The-Front (OTF) version of this knife is MUCH more fun and far more ominous in appearance, the Infidel with it’s fixed blade is also quite a treat on its own. CDN$ 32.99 CDN$ 32. Corporal Wabo is a former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars. Since these fixed blade knives will likely be carried on you or on the outside of a pack for easy and quick deployment, they’ll likely endure the same conditions you’re enduring, and when it rains, you and your knife will both be suffering! SOG Commitment: “Take care of your knives and we’ll take care of you; we’re committed to making sure they do.” This means that SOG will closely consider any and all repair/replacement requests for the life of the knife, so long as it was not damaged or destroyed due to carelessness. Fallkniven A1 and A1 Pro (Premium Pick), 20. My Review: So far, the SOG SEAL series that we have reviewed have been feature-rich, intimidating super-blades meant to perform in many high-stress tactical and self-defense situations. Stacked-leather handle, aluminum guard & pommel. Despite this knife looking very basic in aesthetics, it’s ergonomics are exceptional. 2 watchers. That means if you somehow manage to break it, ESEE will repair or replace it with no questions asked, even without a receipt. Blade Steel: 1095 Handle Thickness: 0.92” (23.37mm). Handle Composition: FRN This knife is ready for just about any challenge you may face and is equally as durable as it is versatile. Fits up to 5" long and 1 1/4" wide blade. Jokes aside, let’s quickly run down your options with the Cold Steel SRK lineup. The blade is crafted from 1095 Cro-Van high-carbon steel, which again is my preference in blade material. All in all, this is an innovative and functional short-blade survival and bushcraft knife that is a great value. The bottom line is that this is a perfect-sized, nearly indestructible knife that is an excellent EDC candidate. Sheath Material: Polymer. FREE Shipping. Quick View. One of the Marine Approved favorites in terms of Tanto’s is the Benchmade Nimravus which we review in this guide. This combination of attributes in the Buck Knife stands for a long-lasting life and a knife you may find you never have to replace. The spine, from the handle, juts out in a flat straight fashion but as we get closer to the point, a big chunk of the blade is taken out almost as if it was cut out by a fingernail snipper. Blade Steel: USA made 1095 carbon steel Instead, Spyderco took a break from making leaf-shaped knives and asked one of the most reputable bladesmiths to collaborate and create a cutting edge knife utilizing Spyderco’s famous VG-10 steel and Bill Morans design expertise. This knife is just cool, period. Reproduction of any part of this website without direct permission is prohibited. 4 SOG NB1002-CP Instinct Mini 1.9 Inch Full Tang Knife – Best Small Fixed Blade Knife It’s always wise to carry a backup knife when you’re headed far from civilization. Blade Length: 6.75” Push tangs are considered a type of partial tang, but generally, knives labeled as “partial tang” will have slightly longer tangs than push tangs but have handles constructed in almost identical manners. It’s a reliable fixed blade knife with 1/8-inch (3.2 mm) thick carbon steel blade with anti-corrosive black coating. Partial Tang: Other than the full tang, the other major category of knife tang is the partial tang. This section is for those of you who want to learn more about fixed blade knives before reading reviews. Survival Knife: The survival knife came about at the end of the 19th century as a solution to the ill-equipped hunting knife options available at the time, which were very similar to butcher knives. Of course, we’re not condoning violence and I don’t suggest you use this knife on a human being, but they do make highly effective combat and self-defense options if the need arises. Steel nerds will probably give preference to the CPM-3V version. All. When shopping around, you’ll likely see ratings of HRC. It can break through the ice, dig holes, cut through vines, wood, and more with absolute ease. Non-folding knives from KnifeCenter Fixed blade (non folding) knives are designed for dozens of applications and include hunting knives, survival knives, combat knives, boot knives, dive knives, throwing knives and more. A Marine Approved clip-point favorite in terms of fixed blades is the Ontario Knife Company SP-2 Survival knife. These full tang CPM-S30V blades are 4” brushed steel blades that are available in both drop-point or gut hook blade shapes. The portion that extends into the handle, known as the “tang,” comes in many different shapes and sizes (which we will cover in the next section), and is a huge consideration point when choosing the correct knife. In Stock. Rocking a full tang 4-inch blade made from 1095 high carbon steel. These laws can vary from one city to the next. It includes a solid polymer sheath for easy carry and instant deployment from your boot. Blade Style: Drop Point Weight: 7.72 ounces (218.86g) On a full tang knife, the handle is composed of two pieces that wrap around the tang. Below is some basic information about a few of the most common fixed-blade knives out there today. The cutout portion of the spine allows the tip to have a smaller footprint while it slides through whatever it is you’re working on and thus allowing sharper turns and more precise movement. Total Length: 8.06 Inches Many of the toughest and most durable knives ever made have issues like being especially difficult to sharpen or may not be able to host a razor sharp edge at all due to their thickness and difficulty in manipulating. Karambits are versatile, intimidating, and incredibly effective in self-defense but are difficult to use properly and aren’t great for a beginner. SOG Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath - SEAL Pup Elite Survival Knife, Hunting Knife w/ 4.85 Inch AUS-8 Bowie Knife Blade for a Tactical Knife (E37SN-CP) 4.85 INCH BLACK TINI AUS-8 SHARP KNIFE BLADE: The SEAL Pup Elite outdoor knife is a perfectly balanced camping knife, hiking knife & belt knife w/ sheath; measures 9 inches overall length Combat and decorative daggers for fighting, utility and collecting. Blade Length: 6.00 Inches For a good EDC-capable little blade like this, that’s a great deal. Many state and local laws in the United States have varying requirements regarding blade length that can end up with the carrier being prosecuted for a concealed weapons charge if they are violated. Blade Length: 2.50 Inches While the brothers made several different designs of the blade pattern that eventually became today’s Bowie, the origin of the knife itself is surrounded in myth and conflicting stories, and as such, has become an odd part of American mythology. As far as aesthetics go, it is simple in design and looks similar to many different tactical-focused blades. Overall Length: 9.45″ Cutting Edge: 5.625″Blade Thickness: 0.21″ Cardinal Cutlery Corp. 4 inch. Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon. As always, it’s your responsibility to ensure something like this is legal where you live and if it isn’t, it might arrive with only one side sharpened. My Review: This bushcraft option from SOG is an excellent survival field knife and an excellent all-around choice for a great fixed-blade knife. First, let’s discuss the StrongArm. Handle: G10 Need a every day carry fixed blade knife? San Mai is really just a cool name for steel that they made to be slightly harder than traditional VG-10 without sacrificing VG-10s excellent corrosion resistance. The higher the number, the harder the steel is. Weight: 5.4 ounces. This is due to a very simple truth – a single piece of metal will always retain more strength than two separate pieces making up the handle and blade connected with a fastener. The survival knife is designed to be used for hunting, skinning, trapping, self-defense/combat, and even woodcutting. My Review: It’s not often you find a Spyderco knife that stops you and makes you say “huh, that looks normal”, but the Moran really doesn’t exude a whole lot of draw-dropping confusion when you see it on the surface. 10.5 Inch Pakkawood Fixed Blade Knife|An attractive 10.5 fixed blade knife with pakkawood handle and nylon sheath with belt loop. The manufacturer introduced this version as a way to make the original KA-Bar USMC design more compact – while retaining all of its original quality – so that it could be used by a wider audience as well as for a wider variety of uses, such as camping and general utility. Overall Length: 10.75″ They are geared towards portability, concealability, and utility. You can learn more about the Rockwell Hardness scale at this link here. The result of that partnership was a beautiful marriage between that old hardened fashion and trustworthiness mixed with a little Spyderco flavor and of course, VG-10 steel. These sheaths are excellent and far exceeded expectations at this price point. Ideally, your knife’s width or thickness should be somewhere around 3/16 th to 4/16 th of an inch. Related: 4 inch folding knife sheath 4 inch fixed blade knife sheath. (154g), Intended Uses: Survival, Camping, Bushcraft, Firestarting, General Utility. The Buck Knives 119 Special is a very traditional do-it-all kind of knife that utilizes a rather hefty and menacing 6” clip-point blade constructed of 420 High Carbon steel. It is a fixed blade knife that features a 4.25-inch drop point blade made from S30V steel. The 2.125-inch blade comes in three different styles: clip point , wharncliffe , and tanto . The Freeman 451 FDE Fixed Blade Knife comes in a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) tone with a 4-inch blade made of CPM S35VN stainless steel and an RC hardness of 59-61 as well as a 3D machined G-10 handle. 33% Off. Made in Mexico. It is designed as a personal protection device for law enforcement officers, so KA-Bar really put a focus on ease/speed of deployment, concealment, and the ability to inflict a great deal of damage from such a small package. View as Grid List. The StrongArm has its own sheath specifically designed to be as tactical and versatile as possible. At first, I kind of felt like this knife was more of a fashion statement than anything else but it does actually pack quite a punch in a very small and lightweight form factor that I’ve grown to really enjoy. Edge Type: Plain It holds an edge unlike anything I’ve ever had before, and unlike other really hard blades, it has decent corrosion resistance as well. It can be defined as the ability to resist deforming during heavy use. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. (2) Your Price: $9.35 4 SOG NB1002-CP Instinct Mini 1.9 Inch Full Tang Knife – Best Small Fixed Blade Knife It’s always wise to carry a backup knife when you’re headed far from civilization. This versatile tool can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, survival, or everyday carry. 1-800-251-9306. Buy Fixed Blade Tanto Knives from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Fixed Blade Tanto Knives - 1 to 30 of 164 results - Knife Center PRE-BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: BENCHMADE, SPYDERCO, ZT, KIZER & MORE! Brown (18) Items (18) Black (11) Items (11) Gold (5) Items (5) Corrosion Resistance: This determines whether or not your blade will rust under certain conditions or when it comes into contact with certain substances. Speaking of fishing, these blades offer excellent resistance to corrosion and therefore are great to use around the water. ... Add to Basket View Sheaths 1186 Fits up to 4 Inch Alligator Pattern Fixed Blade Belt Sheath with Leather Construction E-mail a Friend. Blade Steel: 154CM Stainless Steel Knives with ultra-sharp blades are generally knives you’ll have to replace much quicker than knives with thicker and harder blades. Sheath is clean and flexible" See pics for condition. In terms of price to performance, these are all some of the best fixed blade knives out there right now. Bowies are useful as self-defense/combat blades, hunting blades, utility knives, and quite a few other utility scenarios. This knife is proof that you don’t need a giant Bowie with a footlong blade to get the job done. Blade Design. Smith & Wesson® 1085887 M2.0® Drop Point Grip Swap Folding Knife. It will keep an edge and can be easily sharpened to bring it to the optimal sharpness. My Review: The Gerber Ghoststrike isn’t something that will do it all in one but it is a really cool fixed blade that’s light, easy to conceal, and easy to carry with you when a full size fixed blade is too cumbersome or just not viable. Many kitchen knives have push tangs, and if you’ve ever had the tang separate from the handle, you know exactly what one looks like. Basketweave leat. SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife – Instinct Boot Knife, 25. This bad boy has a Kraton comfort handle consisting of super-hardened epoxy and that allows you to grip the huge 1095 carbon steel 5.5″ full tang Sawback blade with a hefty 3/16″ thick spine. By the way, a lot of Benchmade knives, including this one, have a charity going on now that donates a portion of the sale price to Three Rangers and the Navy Seal foundation with the intent of taking care of the families of our fallen guardians, two foundations that are very much so Marine Approved. This is a solid EDC candidate at a great price. You see, seasoned outdoorsman and survivalists all have one thing in common. For the most part, choosing anti-corrosive properties comes at a tradeoff, generally with edge performance and overall knife hardness being the two major attributes being sacrificed. It’s a fixed blade that I have become very close to and as such, I strongly recommend it for just about everybody. Overall Length: 11.00″ It at a 15-degree angle for comfort, accessibility, and concealment optimization. Blade Steel: 5Cr15MoV stainless steel Fallkniven is a company that doesn’t care about market share or maximizing revenue, instead, they focus on choosing a role and then creating a knife that fits that role the best. Best 3-4 inch fixed blade knife reviews. If you need something for hard utility purposes and you really like Gerber, check out our reviews in this guide for the Strongarm as I believe it is a bit more versatile, albeit heavier and larger, than the Ghoststrike. The Bowie is a long blade by design and can have several different tangs as well as many different handles. Benchmade really likes to build knives with specific purposes but they do like to get creative and appeal to the tacticool crowd every so often, which is exactly what this knife is! Karambit: The Karambit is a type of fixed-blade knife that many people call a “claw knife,” due to its obvious claw-like appearance. Portions of the following content are served by a 3rd party. Even if you’ve amassed an arsenal of sharp pointy objects over the years, you’ll need a solid blade that can do it all. There are tons of choices and I’ve already hit on blades quite a bit via my guides on my favorite knives in similar categories, such as camping knives, combat knives, self-defense knives, and even throwing knives. It comes with a molded sheath for tactical deployment options as well as a clip plate for easy access. 4 inch Drop Point Fine Edge Blade 3Cr13 Satin Blade 8.75 inches Overall Pakkawood Handle Full Tang Construction Leather Sheath View full product details Elk Ridge ER-200-09BR Fixed Blade Knife The Schrade SCHF13 Drop-Point Fixed Blade Knife is a well-crafted and aesthetically marvelous tool that’s perfect for both your EDC needs and the occasional camping trip or survival situation. Choosing a knife based on its durability, toughness, and edge retention are all important factors to consider, but corrosion resistance is also a major factor that you shouldn’t neglect considering before you pull the trigger on a new blade. Overall Length: 9.85″ Blade Steel: 12C27 Stainless Steel I especially like the root saw on the reverse edge of the knife. The drop-point has been around a very long time and although there are some slight variations in its design across brands, the idea is the same. © 1995-2020 by Howard Korn and KnifeCenter Inc. All rights reserved. The 1211 version has a straight edge with a leather sheath, model 1212 has a serrated edge with a leather sheath, model 1213 has a straight edge with Kydex sheath, and model 1214 has a partially serrated edge with a Kydex sheath. Sort By. From small daggers to high tech tanto blades, we have a great selection of boot knives. Total Weight: 5.11 Ounces At something like sixty bucks, these are awesome knives to have around as a backup or just to spice things up a bit. 3 offers from $24.99. Cutting Edge: 5.75” This short-blade is the perfect length, weight, and overall size to become your EDC from the moment you first use it. These are blades that look like a claw and have a concave curvature to them. The bottom line is that if you can get over the price tag, this is truly a near-flawless blade for even the most demanding knife connoisseur. Blade Steel: 1095 Carbon Steel Weight: 11.20 Ounces. Boker has outfitted this knife with an excellent sheath, one of the best I’ve seen included with a knife in this price range. Handle Composition: Anodized Aluminum It is a full tang knife, so you will have no problem deploying it in the field to take care of thick brush, dressing your kills (small game), and even prepping food at a campsite. You take care of this knife and it’ll take care of you, all while looking amazing! Toughness: This is the characteristic to resist wear during heavy use. It’s super short and with that hollow grind the blade feels really thin and absent of girth. Blade Length: 6.30 Inches I really liked the look and feel of this model, even more than the larger version, especially because I don’t care for the nubbed spine on the larger elite. 5201 Lad Land Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22407 - 800.338.6799 (Phone Orders Welcome). The knife has one more small surprise and it’s found at the butt where there is a steel bolster handy for use as a hammer or glass breaker. This will probably be the next blade that I buy. You wouldn’t go out and buy a new truck without knowing its off-road, towing, and performance capabilities and you should have the same mentality for knives. Of course, you can use it for self-defense, you could take it camping, you could leave it in the car as a backup, or whatever you really want. Total Length: 9.21 Inches First and foremost, these are supposed to be extremely small fixed blades that are meant to be heavily abused and replaced after a while. Weight: 8.10 Ounces. One of the most popular types of workplace utility knife is the box cutter. Overall Length: 5.9″ Stacked-leather handle, aluminum guard & pommel. Weight: 12.5 oz. The Fallkniven A1 Pro is constructed of laminated CoS steel which has garnered a lot of attention as of recent for its incredible longevity and resistance to corrosion. My Review: This is one of the most unique knives I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Blade Thickness: 0.8 inches (2mm), Intended Uses: Utility, Camping/Hiking, and Hunting. 6061-T6 aluminum handle for strength yet lightweight carry. As I mentioned above, the fixed-blade category covers many different knife types and styles. Free shipping for many products! Weight: 6.20 oz. Blade Steel: CoS steel The Infidel was never thought to have been highly versatile as you move from task to task on a farm but more so to be carried on you through tough times and not-so-friendly lands of uncertainty. Included are the. Kukri: This is either a battle-hardened nightmare for your enemies or a top-class bushcrafter, your choice and I suppose it could be both as well. $64.99 The major difference in the blade design of modern survival knives, though, it the fact that the unsharpened side has been outfitted with a sawback, adding the ability to do some emergency woodcutting that could quite possibly save your life. When deployed, that tiny but mighty H-1 2.50” blade actually feels quite handy and since the belly of the blade has such a steep curvature, it really feels like having much more cutting real-estate than a typical 2.50” blade. It’s very versatile, rather tough compared to other 1095 blades, and just has that Ka-Bar feel to it that’s really hard to explain. They aren’t going to be the kind of knife that you can use on all of your adventures, constantly abusing them, and then passing them down to your kids for further abuse. My Review: You know those silly games you used to play where someone would ask you what item you would like to have if you were stranded on an unknown island? Buy It Now. This is a black do-it-all kind of fixed blade that is ready to get things done and doesn’t care how it looks doing it. Written by Andrew Hamilton and Updated by Blade HQ Staff Writer Logan Rainey on 5/18/2020. Weight: 3.60 Ounces. Overall Length: 9.03″ If you’d prefer to jump straight to the knife reviews, use the quick navigation menu above or simply keep scrolling. Python pattern. Fixed-blade knives are forged generally from a single piece of metal. Push tangs have an inferior reputation versus full tang or even narrow/stick tang blades, mainly because they are secured to the blade with an adhesive instead of secured with fasteners. My top pick for a survival knife. Going along with current trends in knife preference, it features a short blade with a length of 4.6 inches, making it comply with a vast majority of US state laws pertaining to knife blade length. Trailing-Point: This blade is a bit similar to the straight-back but instead of a straight-back it has a spine that curves slightly upward and brings the point up slightly with it. $199.99 SKU:1117226 Add to Cart. Then we have that weird abnormally large saw tooth thing going on the spine of the blade. Tanto blades are designed tactically, with maximum force being able to be applied at the tip, so there is definitely a plus-side to carrying this blade. Blade Length: 5.25″ Need a new knife sheath? Marine Approved is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. Going to be taking this knife with you on many adventures that will lead to saltwater exposure? Blade Style: Drop Point The knives are similar in size, but depending on your use case one will likely be better than the other. Usually, I’d advise against partial-tang knives as they simply just do not hold up to the same amount of pressure and abuse a full tang knife otherwise would. 2.SOG-Instinct Mini G10-best small tactical fixed blade. 4. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. Folding knives are generally designed to be tools that can be deployed to cut through something in your way, such as a packing strap, rope, tape, etc. At the Knife Center we offer an incredible variety and you can shop on this page by the purpose of the knife and narrow it down by brand, country of origin, price and more. It is moderately priced at just under $40.00, so it definitely won’t break the bank. This will not be a problem if you care for your knife the way it was intended to be cared for by applying a very thin layer of lubricant after each use and cleaning. My Review: If style points are your thing and you like that classic fixed blade appearance, you have to check this thing out. I ended up liking this knife better than I anticipated. Each has their own benefits, but while folding knives can be more convenient, fixed knives tend to be bigger and easier to maintain. In my opinion, this is the best fixed blade knife for survival applications you can find at around the $200 price point. It’s an absolute steal of a deal and this knife will probably live longer than you, so you’re offspring will get a good deal on it as well! We have dozens of fillet knife models available. $19.99. Reg $100. These are excellent knives to have with you while camping or backpacking and are in the off chance stuff hits the fan, this knife can be extremely lethal and useful in self-defense applications. The Ronin 2 is one of Spyderco’s best fixed blade knife designs, made in collaboration with custom knife maker Michael Janich and reminiscent of his Yojimbo folding knife. Set Ascending Direction. Hands down, this is one of my favorite fixed blade knives from one of my favorite knife companies, and to top it off ESEE knives are made in the USA. ESEE Knives 4P 4.5-inch Fixed Blade Knife Sturdy, sharp and extremely lightweight at 7.45-ounces, the ESEE 9-inch 4P Fixed Blade Knife is an excellent every-day-carry survival knife for backpacker explorers. It is small enough to carry in your pocket or around your neck so it is always super accessible when you need it the most. Fixed blades come in larger sizes and offer the strength that other types of knives can't. Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade. How you choose between single or double-edged will be determined by your intended usage for the knife. CLASSIC-FIXED-BLADES MOSSY-OAK-KNIVES 112-RANGER-KNIVES GIFTS-UNDER-30 UNDERTHIRTY PAKLITE-SERIES BUCK-FRIDAY Groomsmen Father of the Bride 722 SpitFire ... 110 Folding Hunter Knife - S30V Blade Personalize it Web Exclusive. If you use a knife regularly, you definitely will want to pay attention to the wear resistance rating of the steel used. My Review: This particular fixed blade is one you’ll see being carried by troops overseas, and has been trusted by military leadership at the highest level. The Selkirk brings simplicity to modernity with its traditional woodgrain Micarta handle attached to a very basic but versatile drop-point. Well, the SRK lineup is probably one of the best bang for your buck options in today’s market. However, as long as you live in an area where you can possess a knife of this length without any legal ramifications, giving this solid offering from Glock a try won’t set you back much at all. $7.95 ADD. My Account; My Wish List ... AA&E Leathercraft 4" Fixed Blade Bro... $9.99. Made in Pakistan. Just like corrosion resistance, in many cases, excellent wear resistance generally comes at a tradeoff. It is designed for maximum utility, and as such, functions great as a camping, hiking, self-defense knife, and tactical/combat knife. Specially configured blades and handles make them effective tools. The blade itself will either be a single-edge, which is sharp on one edge and has a thick spine on the other edge to keep the blade strong; or a double-edge, which is sharp on both sides with the spine running down the middle of the blade. So, when it comes to the big-picture view of knife choices, you really have two types to choose from – fixed-blade or folding. Blade Length: 4.85″ The Freeman 451 FDE Fixed Blade Knife comes in a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) tone with a 4-inch blade made of CPM S35VN stainless steel and an RC hardness of 59-61 as well as a 3D machined G-10 handle. My Review: Folding knives are great for their portability but of course lack total strength and have moving parts, meaning they aren’t anywhere near reliable as a fixed blade but then fixed blades are often large and uncomfortable to carry all the time. Of course, this knife is plenty more capable than just use as a skinning blade. Overall Length: 10.5” However, if a material is too hard, it can end up becoming brittle, which is why certain alloys are made not just with hardness in mind, but tensile strength as well, which is the ability not only to resist deformity but to allow a bit of playback and forth without breakage. AA&E Leathercraft 6" Fixed Blade Bro... $11.99. This knife also comes with a plain edge which is the one I reviewed but you can also find it with a “SpyderEdge” which is basically a Spyderco exclusive serration pattern that is really good for cutting belts, synthetic rope, and commercial fishing line. The guard has Cardinal Cutlery Corp. NYC stamped on it. Include description. Fillet (or filet) knives come in handy for most fishermen. Drop Point: This is by far the most popular knife blade type and for good reason, it’s the most neutral and versatile blade design you can get your hands on today. Bulk packed. fixed-blade knife. My Review: Ontario designs and manufactures some well-respected knives, including the SP3 issued to Navy Seals so it’s no surprise that this is an incredible knife for the price. The Spyderco Ark certainly isn’t a folding knife as it doesn’t fold so I can’t really say it’s the best of both worlds but I can say that using this knife feels a lot like having the best of those two worlds if that were possible. Keep in mind that the Ka-Bar Model 1211, 1212, 1213, and 1214 all have 1211 stamped on the blade. It’s not for those of you looking for the best of the best and it’s not exactly the most bang for your buck but it is a nice modern piece reminiscent of their earlier combat oriented knives.

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